Conference “Drones & Innovation” on January 24th 2023 at Air Formation, Blagnac

January 24th 2023 | From 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Lieu de la conférence :
Air Formation – Centre de formation aéronautique EASA PART 147
14 Av. Escadrille Normandie Niemen, 31700 Blagnac

Horaires :


Next meeting, January 24, we will have the honor to listen to some experts:

1 – We will start with Damien from Elistair, with Wired drones, their added value on surveillance and security operations.

European leader, ELISTAIR develops wired drone systems to increase their autonomy. Wired drones offer a flight capacity that can range from several hours to several days in a discontinuous and stationary manner. Damien will show that drone automation increases the efficiency of operators during their missions. We will illustrate this theme with several use cases on Defense and Security applications. Finally, he will address the regulatory aspect by highlighting the advantages of implementing wired and tethered drones, particularly for event monitoring.

2 – Karim Benizeri, Sales & Business Development Manager | Hydrogen-electric aviation from H3 Dynamics will present operational issues and solutions implemented to simplify the deployment of hydrogen-electric UAV fleets, including hydrogen supply logistics in the field

The international H3 Dynamics group, based in Toulouse, France, is contributing to the development of long-range electric UAVs for a variety of needs ranging from data collection to the aerial transport of cargo or medical goods. H3 Dynamics develops innovative hydrogen-electric propulsion system architectures based on ultralight hydrogen fuel cell technologies and assists UAV operators in the complex integration of these systems.

3 – Drones and Innovation will be presented by Bastien Mancini, co-founder of Delair, who will explain which technologies Delair is investing in to differentiate itself. Everything related to certification, where everything remains to be invented, will be discussed. Innovation is good… but then to go to scale, and simply sell its products in mass on the market, it is necessary to cross the “chiasm”, i.e. to cross the “innovation chasm” and thus to set up all the mechanisms of industrialization, reliability, etc… what Bastien Mancini will also develop.

4 – Jean Michel Delval (Co-chair of the French Air Safety Network for Helicopters and member of the DGAC UAV WG, very involved in the fields of innovation, safety improvement and energy transition) will talk about the complementarity and the necessary coordination between UAVs and helicopters or airplanes and Innovative Air Mobilities, and will highlight the need to improve drone regulations and technologies and to adapt the aviation, civil security and drone eco-systems to better exploit the means and technologies available for complex air operations without rivalry between drones and aircraft. It will shed light on the foreseeable contributions and benefits of using drones for the conduct of certain sensitive operations, on the advantages in terms of coordination of resources, costs, operational limitations, reliability and compatibility with environmental and safety constraints, and finally on the emerging issues and needs in terms of technological innovation in airspace management and collision avoidance.