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Following successful events aimed at innovation, the Excellence Club Aerospace is proud to announce a new concept of event: the Excellence Club Aerospace Awards.

“Stimulate the industry and promote innovative ways to strengthen business and develop new markets”

Organized in the heart of Europe’s Aerospace capital, this event is designed to stimulate the industry and offer a new way to strengthen business and develop new markets.

This inaugural edition is aimed at being a confluence zone for aerospace professionals, serving a common interest for all companies: resilience to the current crisis, and the establishment of an ambitious future.

This unique event will take place at the iconic B612 Innovation & Research Center, Toulouse, France, on October 26, from 2 to 8 pm.

Awards-Date & Place

The B612 Innovation Center has been selected to host the Awards Event, as its philosophy is perfectly in line with our Business Club values.

“Fostering valuable interactions within and beyond aerospace”

From the very beginning, our motto has always been aimed at fostering valuable interactions and encounters, within and beyond aerospace, from which there may emerge new business opportunities and innovative solutions.

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Decision-makers, suppliers, broadcasters, financiers, and other major players will attend this unique marketplace, to seize best opportunities for their future development.

“International and multi-sectoral, this event will provide 4 different session times”

The program includes technical exchange workshops, where chosen companies will introduce various innovative solutions linked to the awards strategic themes. Speakers will be open to questions and exchanges. All the workshop sessions will include some networking-dedicated time along with a cocktail.

To promote collaboration and innovation, five prizes will then be awarded by an international jury of recognized aerospace professionals. Note that the applications for these awards are open to any willing individual candidate, team or company, provided the solution/project introduced is related to the event’s topics. A gala dinner will conclude this first edition of the Excellence Club Aerospace Awards.


Workshops with international executives


Networking and exchange sessions


Awards ceremony

Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner

The highlight of the event, the Awards ceremony will honor 5 individuals, teams and/or companies whose solutions or projects may remarkably contribute to one of these strategic fields of the aerospace industry:

Green Aerospace, 2021 Innovation, Cybersecurity and Impacting Digitalization, which are the event’s main topics, each with a specific award. A special award is equally dedicated to an Inspiring Student or Student Team.

Green Aerospace, 2021 Innovation, Cybersecurity, Impacting Digitalization and Inspiring Student are the event’s topics with dedicated awards

All the prizes will be awarded by an international jury of recognized aerospace professionals.

5 Awards

For visitors, online registration is now open, and you are invited to visit the registration page:

Online Registration
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2% of the event proceeds will be donated to the French Cancer League.