The Program 2022

Following is the program of the Excellence Club Aerospace Awards Event 2022:

During the first part of the Excellence Club Aerospace Awards, a variety of workshops are planned to bring together professionals from the aerospace sector to foster promising collaborations.

The experts leading the workshops are selected based on specific criteria. They must have developed a product or service that brings real benefits to users such as, reducing production costs, simplifying processes and methods, improving product quality, expanding the customer network.

The workshops will be organized around 5 topics, as per the event’s 5 awards. For each topic, one company and its product will be selected. This company will be in charge of running four sessions of the presentation, in order to allow attendees to take part in at least four different workshops. As quality of exchanges remains at the core of the Club’s priorities, workshops will be cadenced by short cocktail and networking sessions.

It shall be notified that number of seats is limited for each session. All attendees must therefore register.

For more details on the program, please refer to next page timetable.