Awards – Candidate

//Potential Candidate Welcoming

This event will foster and reward high-potential solutions that may be applied in the Aerospace industry, during a unique gathering of professionals in Toulouse.

During the Excellence Club Aerospace Awards ceremony, five prices will be awarded to the best solutions selected by the jury. Please note that you must apply to only one of the following categories:

Green Aerospace


Rewards a team/company whose services or products promise a remarkable contribution in the reduction of the environmental impact of the Aeronautics industry.



Innovation Awards

Rewards a team, project, company, or laboratory that has developed/is developing a high potential technology, service or tool which promises to bring real benefits to Aerospace industry stakeholders.



CyberSecurity Award

The interconnection of an ever-increasing number of intelligent systems within both aircraft and companies exposes the Aerospace industry to widened risks of cyber-malware.  The approach(es) defended by the candidate product/service must clearly demonstrate the solution ability to consider the exponential growth of threats linked to this increasing digitalisation.


Digitalization Impact

Rewards a digital service or tool, transposable or developed for the Aerospace industry, and whose application enables its users to significantly improve their production and/or operating processes and methods.



Inspiring Student Award

Rewards a student or a group of students who has carried out an innovative project in an academic or external context (entrepreneurship competition, hackathon…), and whose implementation could be beneficial to the Aerospace industry.



//Benefits for the candidates [Selected Candidate=Free // Applicant (even unsucessful)=Price to be set]

As an international Business Club, we attach great importance to human relations. In addition to a financial support, we will therefore make sure to introduce and highlight the awards nominees into our extended network. We know that this plays an essential role in any product or solution development.

//The Jury


Learn more about the awards details and the application process:

Awards Candidate Application Form & Infos

Awards Candidate: Application Form (PDF)