The Castle of Lagrezette

Nothing predestined him to become a winemaker: Alain Dominique Perrin has always been, and will always be, an emblematic figure in the world of luxury and art, at the origin of the international influence of Cartier and the creation of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, of which he is President.

A pioneer, he was even the first to define a vision of modern luxury and to associate a luxury brand with a Foundation dedicated to Art.

In 1981, shortly after his arrival at Domaine Lagrézette, steeped in its history, Alain Dominique Perrin decided to give it back its first vocation: the vine and its greatest grape variety: Malbec. Here, the first grape harvest was celebrated in 1503.

Château Lagrézette, renowned for its exceptional Malbecs, its Viogniers worthy of the greatest Condrieu wines and its remarkable Rosés, often awarded and noted by the best critics in the world.

Florence Scebat, B2C Director, passionately welcomes participants to the Tasting Workshops at the Toulousian winery, a true showcase of the winery, in an authentic and festive atmosphere, this place of character is particularly adapted for wine tasting, in groups, or for events around the vine and wine.