The Club

The Excellence Club Aerospace : gathering experts in the interest of business

  • Launched in April 2018, the Excellence Club Aerospace was founded with the ambition to bring together the best experts in the aerospace industry with conferences and round tables. The Club has since successfully organized several events where many aerospace industry personalities have gathered. Among them, speakers from IRT Saint-Exupéry, Airbus, ATR, Telespazio, Stack Lab, Scalian, iBASEt, Indian Institute of Management Bengalore, Toulouse Business School, Liebherr Aerospace, Latécoère, La Région Occitanie, the Metropolis of Toulouse, and many others.
  • Participants from all sectors of the aerospace industry assemble for quality presentations and discussions, with themes related to innovation and current events such as digitalization in aerospace, the benefits of the Cloud, the green aircraft, etc.
  • Through events organized throughout the year, the Business Club brings together professionals and enthusiasts in prestigious locations and contributes to forming promising relationships between industry players.
  • In the words of the Club’s founder Nadia DIDELOT: “Inspiring constructive dialogues between men and women in the aerospace industry, bringing together different backgrounds, promoting business, highlighting innovative ideas, presenting companies and concepts, sharing values of mutual support and openness, are the Club’s DNA and vocation. A Club that is above all warm and friendly, where human interactions are placed at the core of exchanges.