The Club Charter

Excellence Club Aerospace – The Charter

83 route de Toulouse, 31700 Cornebarrieu – France
422 De La Vina Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101 – USA

Article 1 : Purpose,

The purpose of the club is to create and promote relationships and cooperation between its members in a friendly environment through events aiming to develop and share knowledge and evolution of the aerospace sector.

No commercial activity can take place within the club.

Excellence Club Aerospace receives as much assistance as necessary from the AeroMorning media.

Article 2 : Organization,

Excellence Club Aerospace has a President, creator of the club: Nadia Didelot.

Excellence Club Aerospace has an Executive Board composed of 4 to 6 members, including the President who is a member by right.

Article 3 : Members,

The members are from the industry, public service or higher education and are up to date with their membership fees.

Article 4 : Membership conditions,

The conditions to become a member are the following:

  1. To be in possession of one’s civic rights,
  2. To be approved by the Executive Board,
  3. To commit oneself to respect the rules of ethics defined by the present Charter,
  4. To pay the annual membership fee.

The membership fees and costs for participation in the events organized by the Club ensure its financial balance.

Article 5 : The Club’s Rules of Ethics and Neutrality,

The Club guarantees the freedom of expression of its members within a diverse environment and respect for the opinions of others,

The Club does not intervene in contractual relations between its members. Any commercial exchanges between members or the companies they may represent are handled outside the Club.

The Club maintains a strictly neutral position toward the companies or organizations represented by its members.  This neutrality is guaranteed by the diversity of the Executive Board.

If one of the members harms or tries to influence any member of the Club or the Executive Board, he/she is subject to removal from the Club.

Article 6 : Relations between members,

The members commit themselves to respect others and to have an enthusiastic attitude of openness and sharing with other members.

The President