Monitoring by the Sky and Space

The Club Excellence Club Aerospace is organizing a meeting in Blagnac at the Air Formation headquarters on May 25th from 2pm (welcome from 1.30pm). We will close the meeting at 6:30 pm.

The topic: What are the best ways to inventory or monitor critical facilities, geographical areas?

Excellence Club Aerospace proposes a conference-debate on the means of monitoring critical installations and geographical areas, a conference that will offer an overview of the offer available at the OEM and operator level.

When it comes to inventorying or monitoring sensitive sites, refineries, large ports, crowded areas, nuclear sites, large geographical areas, the question arises as to the simplest means of doing so and the type of sensor to be used (camera, gamma ray detector, etc.), the desired autonomy. This surveillance market is in full development with many large and not so large companies, insurance companies and governments using the latest technology available.

Several methodologies are possible to ensure this inventory and surveillance function, such as the use of existing constellations of (nano)satellites or drones.


What equipment? Which constraints? What technical limits? What is the impact of drones on pilot training? What are the operators’ processes? What are the proven needs of the client?

Each means has its advantages and disadvantages, its different types of cameras / sensors that the conference proposes to expose with professionals of Aeronautics and Space involved in this activity currently booming in the world.

Our club attracts more and more attention each time, it leaves room for networking every 30 minutes between each presentation and after the event. This meeting will be a unique opportunity to present the main strategies available. Operators, manufacturers, equipment suppliers will meet and position themselves.

Reserve the date in your agenda and contact us on (limited places)