Aviation training and flight safety

September 7th 2023, Blagnac

Posted By: Excellence club aerospace

Held in Blagnac at our partner Aviasim, 130 Rue du Riou, 31700 Beauzelle next 7 September from 7.00 pm [reception from 6.45 pm], this event will provide an opportunity to present aviation training and the challenges ahead in terms of flight safety. Operators, manufacturers, training organisations and aviation institutions will meet. Renowned experts in the field of aviation, including representatives from an aircraft manufacturer, the Direction de la Sécurité des Vols and Air Formation. The main aim of this event is to discuss the issues surrounding training and flight safety in the aviation industry and air transport.

Speakers will share their knowledge and expertise on a range of key topics. In particular, they will discuss the latest technological advances in pilot training, highlighting the cutting-edge flight simulators and innovative training programmes developed by the aircraft manufacturer. In addition, the conference will focus on the importance of flight safety and the measures taken by the civil aviation authority Safety Departments to guarantee high safety standards.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore best practices in risk management, accident prevention and pilot training. Finally, Air Formation will share its experience as a specialist aviation training organisation. Air Formation representatives will present the training programmes available, emphasising the importance of continuous training to ensure the competence and safety of pilots. The Aviation Training and Flight Safety conference will provide a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge and discuss current challenges and opportunities in the field of training and flight safety. Attendees will benefit from the perspectives of industry experts and take away valuable information to improve their practices and approach to training and flight safety.

The Aviation Training and Flight Safety conference is aimed primarily at aviation professionals, aviation safety officers and air operations managers, airlines and aviation training experts. It is also of interest to students at aeronautical schools, researchers in the sector and aircraft pilots.

Speakers expected:

Air Formation

Elixir Aircraft


If you would like to be a speaker, please send us your synopsis by email to contact@excellence-club