Conference Debate: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 6:00 pm on the TBS Campus, amphi Bosco, (chemin Henri Bosco) downtown Toulouse (next to Place Alphonse Jourdain).

Conference in Toulouse around the theme ‘Doing business with India’ in partnership with Excellence Club Aerospace and Indian Institute Management Bangalore.

The event will be hosted at TBS and is mainly based on the conference organized and coordinated by Excellence Club Aerospace in collaboration with the MBA Aerospace of TBS.

After a first part (20′) addressed to an Executive audience (composed notably of participants or senior graduates of the courses provided by TBS: the Aerospace MBAs, the Executive MBA, CPA…+ Alumni), the main part of the event will be based on a conference/round table gathering various leaders of the aerospace industry, ATR (Guillaume Huertas), IbaseT (Philippe Boissat), Latécoère (Emmanuel Rémy)….


Nadia : +33 648 23 76 65

Loïck: +33 637 50 68 19