Cybersecurity and aircraft data management

 March 28th From 6.30 to 10.30 PM, in Air Formation, Blagnac

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Round Table about Cybersecurity and aircraft data management


Cybersecurity and aircraft data management are two interrelated topics that concern the protection and utilization of the information systems and data used for civil aviation purposes. Cybersecurity refers to the prevention and mitigation of cyber threats, such as unauthorized access, use, modification, or destruction of information systems and networks. Aircraft data management refers to the collection, transmission, storage, analysis, and application of data generated and consumed by aircraft and related stakeholders. Both cybersecurity and aircraft data management aim to enhance the safety, security, efficiency, and performance of air operations.
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With Julien Touzeau, Head of Cybersecurity Consulting Airbus Protect. Prior to this role, Julien was the Head of Security and Crisis Management for Airbus Americas in Washington, DC, an extension from his previous role as Product Security Director for Airbus Americas, in charge of the security of Airbus civil helicopters, airplanes and UAS throughout their lifecycle.

Prior to that he was the global Head of Product Security for Airbus Helicopters, where he set up the product security office and deployed a company-wide Product Security Management System.

His other Airbus assignments include senior management roles in Aircraft Security.

Julien started his career in the IT Security Consulting world after a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Systems Engineering, with an MBA from HEC Paris.


And with Raphaël Blaize, Product Security Officer Thales

Raphaël is currently Cyber Security Manager at Thales in the division in charge of developing Avionics flight systems.

Thales develops a wide range of safety-critical systems, including advanced piloting, navigation and air traffic management solutions. Today, 2 out of 3 aircraft take off and land using Thales systems.

The digitization of these systems brings with it new challenges in guaranteeing the overall cyber security of not only aircraft, but also their entire ecosystem. In response to this growing demand for interconnection and data exchange between systems, Thales is constantly innovating to provide new solutions for protection, detection and response to cyber threats.

Before joining Thales, Raphaël spent more than 10 years helping to define certification standards for onboard aeronautical systems within the Airbus group.

He has also led several research projects to define new solutions for securing aeronautical systems, and contributed to securing numerous avionics systems.

Practical information

Location :
Air formation – 14 Av. Escadrille Normandie Niemen, 31700 Blagnac

Date : March 28, 2024

Schedule : 6pm to 10:30pm