Conference, Supply chain, ramp-up and deglobalisation: What will tomorrow’s supply chain look like? April 24 2024 at Château de Thegra, Balma.

Supply chain, ramp-up and deglobalisation
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Theme: Anticipating the challenges of production ramp-up

The aerospace supply chain is facing major challenges in a context of rapid growth and increasing production rates. This conference aims to shed light on the challenges ahead, and the solutions needed to meet them.

Key points addressed :

1.Digitization and agility: Tomorrow’s supply chain will be resolutely digital. Agility and flexibility will be essential to cope with the unpredictability of economic life. Anticipating new needs is becoming essential.

2.Ecological transition: The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the strategic role of the supply chain. To secure tomorrow’s supplies, it is crucial to modernize it and make it greener. How can sustainable practices be integrated into the supply chain?

3.Collaboration and Innovation: Supply chain players will need to work closely together to meet the challenges ahead. How can we encourage innovation and co-creation between companies in the sector?

4.Human resources management: Increased production rates require specific skills. How can we anticipate recruitment and training needs to guarantee a qualified workforce?


SPACE AERO, Christophe Delqué, General Manager

4CAD, Guillaume Charpentier, Group Supply Chain Manager

LATECOERE, Bérengère Moussard, Head of People Development

Practical information

Location :
Château de Thegra – -62 Route de Gauré, 31130 Balma

Schedule : From 6.30 to 10.30 PM